Keeping fit has never been so fun!


Keeping fit has never been so fun!


Keeping fit has never been so fun!

 Reactiv Fitness is a Back to Basics, scientifically proven program, that will work all your muscle groups without you even knowing it! Our holistic workout is all about functional movements, which are close to the movements of original humans. There are no heavy machines here, YOU are the machine.


Burn more than 300 calories in 1 hour!

1. Warm Up

8-10 mins

Instructor will lead you through a dynamic warm up routine to get you ready for the workout!

2. Main Workout

25-30 mins

3 sets of 5-6 stations (1 min each) circuit training targeting your upperbody, legs, core strength and cardio. Yasss... quite crazy..

3. Cool Down

8-10 mins

Dimmed lights, relaxing music, the instructor will lead you through a thorough cool down stretch.. (You might even fall asleep..)

Reactiv Fitness - Afterburn

(Level 1)

Learn the correct techniques of

all bodyweight exercises and

understand your body better!


Recommended for first timers.


Reactiv Fitness - Beast Mode

(Level 2)


Satisfy your hunger for high intensity workouts!


We take Afterburn one step further

and challenge your limits. 


We strongly encourage you to go through at least 5 sessions of Level 1 Afterburn before taking up the Beast Mode Challenge!

Reactiv Fitness - Triple Madness

(Level 3)


Speed is our expertise.

This level challenges any fitness enthusiast.


We incorporate Speed Drills, Agility and Coordination

into our Training System.


This level preps you to be athletic and ready for any kind of sports!



1 Session

( Only for first visit )


5 Sessions

(Expires 2 months from first visit )


10 Sessions

(Expires 3 months from first visit )










6 Months



12 Months







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