We can be better. This is just a stepping stone for the future.

Pictured here is the Singapore Athletics Contingent (without Zubin) and myself, upon arrival back home

I was appointed the team manager and relay coach for the Asian Games squad. Mr role was to ensure that the programme ran smoothly so that the coaches and athletes would prepare themselves well for their competitions. It was really hectic on the first 3 days but the situation improved after that.

Together with the 4x100m women representatives at the Asian Games 2018

Coach Fuad and myself after a brief morning session. What you don't see across us was the IAAF president Lord Seb Coe doing an interview with the Indonesian media

In general, the overall standard at the Asian Games had improved tremendously. I had also witnessed some world class performances by athletes from China, Japan, Qatar, Bahrain, India, etc. While the other asian countries were improving by leaps and bounds, Singapore seemed to be stagnating.

Coach Melvin Tan

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