SA Interclub Championship 2019

This year's Interclub championship started earlier than the previous years. Despite the lack of preparation, the atmosphere at Home of Athletics was really good.

Some of our coaches were involved in the 2 days championship, and had some good results.

Brandon Heng won the bronze medal with a height of 1.85m, under the guidance of Coach Fuad!

Team NYP

sent quite a number of athletes and came in 5th overall ranking for Men with 55 points, overall ranking for Women - 4th with 69 points and lastly overall ranking for combine - 5th with 124 points. We are currently the top Polytechnic in the POLITE level. Hopefully this will be a good motivation for the athletes to prepare for the upcoming games.

Here are some of the medalists from NYP team sprints, and a big congratulations to them!

Rebecca Tay 3rd13.17s 100m Final

Rebecca Tay 2nd26.82s 200m Final

Noor, Fatehah Binte Mustaffa 1st 64.7s (1:04.70) 400m Final

Toh, Beam Isaac 3rd 16.37s 110mH Final

Lee, Weijie Samuel 2nd 64.14s (1:04.14) 400mH Final

Noor, Fatehah Binte Mustaffa 2nd 70.53s (1:10.53)400mH Final

There's always ups and downs in a competition. Some of my athletes did not do too well. It was out of our targeted goals, and these made us think hard and went back to review on the training program. The best place to know if your training works is in a competition. Let's all work hard and train smart to achieve a PB for this year!

Above left to right:

Shawn Lee (400m) 52.20s, Praharsh (400m) 53.84s, Calvin Quek (400m) 52.33s

Good effort guys :)

click on the link below for the full results:

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