Putting the mental in Fundamentals

The weights room is not a fun place to be in

At the end of this year's Nationals, we sought to look after ourselves better so that we will be much prepared for next year's edition. The jumpers understood what is needed from them during this off season, and were placed under the microscope of scrutiny as we went back to scratch to improve on the basics. This 'General Preparation Phase' is the most crucial and trying part of the off season as the jumpers went through a series of high volume training to work on their weaknesses and strengths.

From running efficiently through progressive drills, to a more diligent approach on strength and conditioning, as well as working on improving the skill of jumping in general.

Daniel being his explosive self with some pike jumps

The senior boys were progressively introduced to other weight bearing equipment in the weights room, and the juniors upped their general strength and conditioning work on Speed and Jump endurance days.

It hasn't been easy as they've not been used to the kind of volume being put through this off season. As hard as it may seem, the boys gave what they had and even if completing a said workout looked bleak, their mental strength shone through in the end.

Teamwork makes the dream work

As of today, we've not started our technical work at the pits nor the mat yet, just to focus on getting stronger by building on the fundamentals. Currently, the boys are in the final stages of this phase and will move on to technical jumps work in 2 weeks to come. Let's hope our hard work will prove to be fruitful as we go head on into full blown technical practice for the new season!

Coach Fuád Idris

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