Mr Melvin Tan and his family
Mr Melvin Tan and his family

My journey began as a child. I was fed with fish oil daily for healthy growth and brain development. The invigorating smell and palatable taste had almost killed me but I knew then that it was a necessary supplement to take. I had survived the ordeal.

USANA Biomega

The adventure with fish oil ended in my adolescent years. As I was into heavy physical training, I experimented with Vitamin C to boost my immune system at crucial points in my sporting life. Although it had helped me to a certain extent, I felt that it was incomplete and that there were still missing pieces to complete the jigsaw puzzle.

As an adult, I was told that having a balance meal was enough to unable me to live healthily. I disassociated myself from supplements and tried to consume the recommended amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc. With new phases in life came new stresses – new job, marriage, children, training, new responsibilities – and they began to take a toll on my health. Couple with all these, the environment was getting more polluted and the quality of food worsened, and my health and that of my family deteriorated. My heart was crying out for a change.

One of the top sprints coach in Singapore
Melvin Tan

But thanks be to God for providing a loving and caring wife. She took time to explore the various brand of supplements and eventually settled with USANA. We were gradually transformed over time. Apart from being more alert, we also had the energy to cope with the intensed challenges in life. And instead of depending too much on medication, we could go by with high-quality supplements that would not be harmful to the body.

With the right supplements…

· I did not take a single day of MC in my 8.5 years at my workplace through the daily consumption of vita antioxidants and core minerals

· I skip the mandatory surgery on my injured left knee (due to wear and tear) by taking the full dosage of glucosamine with turmeric extract while doing self-rehabilitation

· I could last longer in my soccer game and endurance run with Co-Q capsule and good energy drink

· My wife is filled with vitality daily and she seems to look younger than her age ( I could not even recognize her on certain days!)

· My son is able to cope better with a sudden and drastic change of environment when he left for his overseas study (it means more time and energy for the ang-mo gals!)

· My daughter is greatly empowered to train 8 times a week for her Heptathlon event while managing her study at tertiary level (mess with her and you will be sorry!)

In recent times…

1300 China Elite Athletes working with USANA

· I had read about the decision made by more than a thousand elite athletes in a single country to switch to the use of safe western supplements

· I had spoken to a US-based asian athlete and found out that supplement usage is normal there, and that he himself consumed 4 types of supplements on training days

· I had attended a talk by a dietician who referred to a study that showed a drop in the present day food quality as compared to the past

In a nutshell, I believe in the consumption of HIGH QUALITY and POTENCY GUARANTEED supplements for optimal health. I reckon that my journey with supplementation, which had begun as a child (just like most of you did), will end only when I conked-out one day. I hereby wish all of you a healthy life journey ahead!

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