Maximize your time with these 3 easy superset exercise routine that you can do virtually anywhere!

I have been a fitness trainer for a while now and the most common remark people have is "I want to be lean but I've no time to hit the Gym". Contrary to popular belief, trying to be lean by hitting the Gym is definitely helpful, but it's not the only way for you to keep fit. Also, when you are short of time, you Gym workout may not even be as effective as you think it would be.

To combat this I've devised a simple circuit consisting of 3 simple bodyweight superset (back to back exercises) exercise routine that's gonna help you save time and gain some lean muscle mass. Best of all, you can do this anywhere!

Let's get down into things. There are 3 major gains of this routine:

1. It builds lean muscle mass through multi jointed bodyweight movement

2. Revs your metabolism through eccentric holds and short rest periods

3. Works on all all major muscle groups, a full body workout

- - -

Following the 30:30:30 sec rule, here are the exercises

(30sec Multi jointed exercise: 30sec Eccentric holds: 30sec Recover)


Things to note:

First 30s - Multi jointed exercise (Squats)

+ Start off by standing erect with hips extended forward

+ As you lower yourself down, make sure to align your knees right over your toes as you go down while keeping your thighs parallel to the floor

Second 30s - Eccentric Squat holds

+ Hold on to that squat position for 30s and feel your legs burn!

30s - Recovery


Things to note:

Second 30s - Multi jointed exercise (Push Ups)

+ Get into standard push up position with shoulders aligned over palms with feet together

+ Squeeze your butt and tighten up on your core / abdominal area

+ Go down deep, with shoulders and hips well aligned with the push up movement

Second 30s - Eccentric Squat holds

+ Hold on that plank position and feel your upper extremities and your core catch fire!

30s - Recovery


Things to note:

Third 30s - Abdominal work (AB Crunch)

+ Position yourself with your back on the floor with your butt, knees and heels about a 90 degree angle

+ Before you start, keep your arms extended out and parallel with your thighs, with only your heels, butt and lower back on the floor

+ While maintaining the upper back off the floor, contract the abs by reaching your hands over your knees

Third 30s - Eccentric Ab crunch holds

+ Reach your hands over your knees and hold that position!

30s - Recover

(Repeat from the beginning for 3 or more sets to suit your liking!)

So get cracking and let me know your thoughts on the workout! :)

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