MAST - Martial Arts Strength Training

Our latest venture is the collaboration between Wufang Singapore and Reactiv, a fitness gym set up like never before. With a space of 6000sqft, the area is divided into Wushu training ground, free weights gym, functional training corner and a 2 lanes 30m track for speed work.

Apart from the usual gym membership, we are providing 2 one of a kind programs: The MAST Fitness program and The MAST Speed program.

The MAST fitness program is a functional circuit training system with martial arts elements. Some of the basic movements from the martial arts like the "horse stance", "inner and outer crescent kicks" and punches are taught in this class. Carrying heavy equipment, fitness endurance and the ability to handle body weight exercises are not a big deal for any fitness enthusiast. The biggest challenge for the adult class is mainly the flexibility that affects the range of motion. In MAST fitness program, the instructor will go through step by step the correct posture and technique for each exercise, to make sure each movement is executed properly and is safe from injury.

The class starts with 15min of dynamic warm up, 30min workout time, and a 15min cool down. The 30mins of workout time runs like circuit training. The instructor will show you all the exercises for the set. Each set has about 5-6 stations of exercises that last for a minute. The time-based circuit training allows participants from different fitness levels to workout at their own pace. There is no specific number of reps that you have to complete, just try to do as many reps as you can in that one minute. Once done, participants will move on to the next station, until all stations are completed for taking a 3min set break.

Using simple equipment like medicine balls, resistance bands, plyo boxes, swissballs and kettle bells can help to raise the intensity of the workout. The instructor will plan a series of exercises that target the upper body strength, the core strength and the lower body legs strength all in 1 session. It was once measured using the Polar HR monitor that I burnt close to 400kcal in a session. The stronger you are, the more you'll burn.

If you are interested to sign up for a trial class, do email us for more info: or you can make a visit at 404 Joo Chiat place. S428083, The Yards.

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