Introducing our newest addition to the team!

Mr Melvin Tan, a vastly experienced coach who is currently coaching the National 4x100m relay team

Here is a brief of our newest member of the team!

From 2010 - 2014, I was the coach for the National Men 4x100m Relay Team. I was also the personal coach for some of the members such as Gary Yeo, Lee Cheng Wei, Muhd Elfi and Calvin Kang.

During this period, the team competed in 2 SEA Games, 2 Commonwealth Games and 2 Asian Games. The highlight was my trip to the London Olympics 2012 with Gary.

Personally, I feel that the team had done extremely well given the contraints and struggles throughout the 4 years. They clinched silver in both the 2011 and 2013 SEAGs, as well as a top 6 finish in the 2014 Incheon Asian Games. However, the pinnacle of their performance was at the 2013 Asian Grand Prix whereby they outran the Asian giants such as China, Taiwan and Thailand to achieve an overall runner-up position enroute to their new national record of 39.45s.

What can we learn from such a remarkable team? Consider these...

1. Teamwork - Despite having constant disagreements and conflicts among the team members, they were able to put aside their differences when they competed as a team. They could rise above the occasion when it mattered most. In my opinion, real solid teamwork is the ability to work together despite the personal differences. And this team was a classic case.

2. Sacrifice - The team was highly-committed to the national cause. These were undergraduates who were willing to put sports above their academic pursuit. They had even taken a year off their studies as they strived towards sporting excellence. In this modern era, only a few brave souls would embark on such a venture. Their rewards? Living out their dreams with experiences that no amount of money can buy.

3. Determination - When they first started out, they were the whipping boys of Asia. Through sheer determination and fighting-spirit, they began to soar on wings like eagles. By 2013, they were well-respected in Asia having proven their credentials in major races over the years. Their perservering spirit were simply admirable. Indeed, this team was truly special, in a class of its own.

Coach Melvin Tan

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