Game of Throws: Playing on the World Stage

In my previous post on the Shiok! Team, we were in the midst of preparing for the World Ultimate Club Championships (WUCC) 2018. After 5 months of speed & conditioning, 5 girls I've been working with were making their first appearance at WUCC with Havoc Ultimate (Women's).

Clashing with the best Ultimate Women's teams in the worlds, WUCC would have definitely been an important tournament to establish Havoc & Singapore in the World Ultimate Frisbee scene. They performed above their seeding, finishing 26th out of 40 teams in the Women's Division. Quite a feat for their debut, I must say!

I posed some questions to Janice Yun, who is a handler in the team & she's one of my most improved athletes:

Havoc Ultimate @ WUCC 2018 in Cincinnati, Ohio
1. How did Havoc perform at WUCC? Were your expectations met? If wasn't, what could be the reason?

We (Havoc) didn't really meet our objectives in terms of final standings, but based on how the fixtures turned out, we performed within expectations. I think the reason why we didn't perform as well as we hoped just boiled down to individual mistakes and executions at crucial moments.

2. In terms of personal performance, how do you think you fared?

I think I performed within expectations. I've been prepping for the tournament since early 2017, so I think I managed to prep myself adequately and play according to the plan.

3. Did the Speed & Conditioning sessions aid in boosting your performance?

Being equipped with stronger physicality and with a better understanding of my speed and acceleration allowed me to execute cuts better and take on stronger opponents.

There were challenges I experienced while working with the Ultimate players. Firstly, with their busy training schedule, I could only work with them 2 hours a week (1 session). Secondly, having multiple areas to work on (Agility, Speed, Running Technique etc.), I'm pretty stretched for time. Usually, I would choose 2 main areas to work on for each session & I cover as much as possible. Thirdly, as someone new to Ultimate, I had to prepare drills & workouts specific to the sport. Watching their games & refining existing drills to reflect player's movements in play.

However, overcoming some of these challenge did bear fruit. The girls had improvements in their performances mainly Speed, Agility and Reaction. They have grown through these 5 months, their movements reflecting confidence and the awareness of their bodies in space. There's still more to be done, but I am quite contented with their progress so far!

Expanding the programme to the boys!

Following the success of the girls, the boys have come on board the programme! Excited to work with players of different training levels. Stay tune for more!

- Coach Nikita

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