Competition amongst the 'Young Giants'

Warren standing tall amongst his bigger counterparts!

Last weekend's annual Akira Swift Track and Field Championship 2018 held at Chua Chu Kang Stadium went without a hitch as competitors from Primary, Secondary and tertiary level came head to head and battled under brutal weather conditions. We had a representative from our Kids Athletics Programme (Jumps), Warren Ng, competing for the first time in our colours!

Warren and myself after fighting our battle at the pits!

Warren managed a jump of 4.11m and came in 3rd despite being overshadowed by experienced jumpers as well as kids beyond his physical size. He controlled his nerves well and was rewarded with a good jump distance! Great Job, Warren! 😊

Meets at / amongst Primary level athletes serves as a stage for kids to learn and enjoy the sport and the spirit of competition. One must remember that kids hit puberty at different stages of growth so their end performance at this stage shouldn’t be the gauge that determines them.

However, it is crucial that they get the right training methodology for progressive growth and I strongly believe that proper technique and exercise prescription as a big factor for their progress as they grow into the athlete they envision to be.

Coach Fuad

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