Accelerate your speed game with these 3 drills!

Acceleration is important for all running sports. Be it in Football, Rugby, Floor ball, Hockey, Frisbee etc, you'll have to make that decision to chase your opponents or to receive that pass from your teammates. We've seen many interesting videos on Youtube on how to improving your acceleration phase, by doing different sorts of strength training, plyometrics training etc. Over here, we will start with the very basics. 3 wall drills/driving drills to work on the positive shin angle.

Coach Alfred demonstrating the driving drills

Drill # 1:

Get your athlete in a 45-50 degree body position pushing against the wall/platform high enough. In this position, be sure of the following pointers (coaching cues):

1. Firm up the core area

2. Ankles in dorsiflexed position

3. Braced chest, back straight

4. Back leg fully extended

5. Front leg knee up (positive shin angle)

6. Front leg toes should be under or behind the knee

Once these points are checked, you can proceed with the drills. The focus is a quick negative acceleration to the ground, preferably landing on the same spot, not in front.

Here's a video to show:

Drill # 2:

Once your athlete is able to properly execute the first drill, you can proceed to the next drill. Same coaching cues as drill # 1, but this time, there will be 2 quick pushes at one go. Please take a look at the video:

For Drill # 2 , you have to do the same drill for both legs. You can ask your athlete to try doing it for about 8-10reps for each drill. It is also important to constantly remind and check on their posture and body position.

Drill # 3:

The last drill is the most straight forward but also the hardest drill for beginners. You'll see them end up doing jogging on the spot or butt kicking instead of doing continuous knee drives. Same coaching cues as Drill # 1 , the entire execution of Drill # 3 works a lot on core strength and stability. You can always start slow and increase speed progressively as you master the technique of the movement.

*Rule of thumb: Speed training shouldn't exceed more than 6 sec of 100% effort!

So here's the last video:

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