10 core exercises everyday

This is the flow of how a workout session is like:

1. Warm up

2. Specific drills

3. Main workout program

4. Supplementary exercises

5. Core and Abs exercises

6. Cool down stretching

I always like to end of the session with a proper abs/core workout before the stretch down. I'll not do it before the session, because I wouldn't want to tire the core before the main workout. We need it for the balance and stability.

Let me briefly explain why our core muscles are so important. Our core muscles are very complex, involves different layers and planes. To have a strong core, you need to train those muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to let them work in harmony. For most sports, there is a need for rotational movements like swing for golf, badminton serves, volleyball spikes, discus throw, football shots and many more. All these movements require core strength. It gives you the stability and holds your posture, allows you to maximize your arms and legs strength. A weak core most likely will end up using those muscle groups that are unnecessary for the required movement, therefore running a risk of getting injured.

sources: " Core Advantage: Core strength for Cycling's Winning Edge," by Tom Danielson and Allison Westfahl,
The Core muscles

The 10 abs exercises you see in the video above consists of the anterior and posterior groups of muscles. It is not too difficult to execute, suitable for older kids to adults. You can always adjust the intensity by the number of reps and sets. You can be creative but using weights plates, dumbbells or even resistance bands to make the exercises more difficult.

Let me post a challenge to you:

Record a video of yourself doing the 10 abs exercises, 10 reps each/10reps per side for lateral exercises. See how fast you can complete them! You can response to the Facebook video post above!

Good luck :) www.facebook.com/reactivsg

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